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Great New product for protecting your concrete pavement & stone areas from. Coffee / Hot Chocolate / Pop Stains and deters Gum from sticking. See our demonstration video:Concrete Protection System


3.8 Litre Kit – 400 Square Feet based on 1 ML coverage $140.00
Additional 3.8 Litre containers are $100. Please select "Continue shopping" to add additional product.

19 Litre Kit – 2,000 Square Feet based on 1 ML coverage $599.00
(Product requires 2 ML’s Dry to protect surface)
(Additional 19 Litre Pails $499.00 - please contact us directly).

Both Kits Include:
Tray c/w refill, Roller, Gloves, Safety Glasses & Instruction Video

** Available in Flat or High Gloss Finish

Concrete Protection System

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In the following images high traffic areas of Southern Ontario businesses are shown after enduring a winter season since original application. There is no change to the surface after winter salt, etc.  One image shows the area before protective coating was applied. These images demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment in preserving a pristine ground surface and also the durability of the product throughout sever weather conditions.

Note: These surfaces remained clean largely due to large amounts of Rain Water only washing them clean, they were not cleaned by the property owners.

1. Canadian Tire Corporation, Queensway.

Before treatment shows grime and gum is an unsightly problem:

Floor area before treatment

After treatment and also after a winter season since the coating was applied:

After treatment and winter

2. Tim Horton's

3. Choice Properties/Loblaws:

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Client Applications Include:

Grime Master PDF Print Email

Grime MasterGrime Master Grease Remover

  • Quickly breaks down grease on any surface
  • Ideal for Kitchens - Stoves, Stainless Steel and Countertops
  • Removes dirt & grime including on Grout & Tile
  • Restores floors to original colour with regular use
  • Water Soluble - Simply Mop & Rinse

Oil Away PDF Print Email

4l Oil Away S200 All SurfacesRemoves oil from any surface naturally.

OilAway S-200 and Marine S-200 eliminate hydrocarbon spills or leaks with proven BIOMEDIATION technology.
Biodegrades the contamination and returns the environment to its original, pristine state  - the green option for oil and fuel spill clean up.
Effective on gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, fuel oils #2 to #6, hydraulic oils, crude & lube oils.

Will Not Harm Metal, Rubber, Wood or Fiberglass

Environmentally friendly, commercial grade product.

Typical Driveway Application (Click here).

Chewing Gum Remover PDF Print Email

Effectively & Safely Removes Chewing Gum from Any Surface.

Assorted Surfaces PDF Print Email

Graffiti Remover for Assorted SurfacesGRAFFITI REMOVER FOR ASSORTED SURFACES Removes various colours and kinds of paint from doors, stucco, powder coated boxes, containers, light-duty applications on brick, Canada Post & other Utility Boxes.

Sample of treatment of surfaace - before and after

Graffiti Remover for Brick PDF Print Email

Graffiti Remover For Brick
Brick Surfaces Cleaner Removes any kind of paint from various types of brick and stone, etc.

Brick surface before and after

Graffiti Remover For Painted Finishes PDF Print Email

Graffiti remover for painted surfacesQuickly and easily removes all types of permanent marker and paint pen, any kind of pen or ink, whiteout, etc. from washroom stalls, lockers, tables, glass (windows) doors & any kind of painted surface.


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